Golf Training Aids Available To Improve Your Game

Golfing is supposed to be one of the most relaxing and peaceful games available to the public, or at least to those who can afford to attend the golfing course. It is supposed to be a sport that people engage in when life becomes stressful, and they need a break from reality. This is golf, isn’t it? Perhaps, but the desire to become a more successful golfer and gain that ideal swing can be quite stressful. Furthermore, facing long wintery days where you are unable to enjoy the green and have to putt into a bucket only ruins the effect. How can you overcome this problem? How do the professionals learn their skill? This article will provide some information on the different golf training aids that work to improve your game.

1. The Mirror

One of the simplest, and most inexpensive, golfing training aids is the mirror. Yes, a standard mirror can be as valuable as any pro golfer training aid on the market. Many golfers do not know how they look at various points in their swing or set up. By using the mirror at various angles, you will be able to review these points and resolve any flaws that may be evident.

2. The Impact Bag

Another simple and inexpensive golf training aid is the impact bag. This training concept involves swinging iron golf clubs at a large impact bag. The swinging will teach you how to hit with a square clubface, improving the impact of the connection begolf balltween club and golf ball. This solidifies the impact and will increase the distance and height of the ball. It also assists in gaining more control over the swing by teaching how to hit the same spot continuously.

3. The Putter Wheel

Putting is far more difficult than professional golfers make it seem on the television. The concept of hitting a ball a short distance into a hole may be simple, but the accuracy required is immense. One of the most popular golf training aids used by many professional golfers is the putter wheel. This is another simple and highly effective aid that improves eye positioning and stroke. The wheel imitates the middle third of a golf ball but with special colors on either side to focus the eye movement. The weighting will help show if your stroke is in full contact with the ball or mismatched; thus improving accuracy.

4. The Orange Whip

Another favorite of many professional golfers is the Orange Whip Golf training aid. While your accuracy may improve, your athletic ability may be underdeveloped. While golf is considered a “walking sport,” there is a need for endurance and a certain degree of fitness. The Orange Whip is a stick designed to replicate a golf club; however, it is flexible and combines a counterweight system to promote a swing while exercising the body. The whip is also useful in because you need a degree of upper body strength the control the whip.